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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  April 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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pretty scary moments for passengers on a plane trying to land in spain. take a look at this video because high winds in spain made a normally routine landing pretty scary and pretty wobbly. this plane had a really tough time landing because of the winds. the plane behind that one tried landing but decided uh-huh. i'm not going to do it. gave up his attempt so four our flights were diverted from the airport due to the high winds. over to lynette with a look at the weather now. all right megan, not the wind so much this morning, they'll pick up into the afternoon but we could have some delays this morning at bwi due to the fact that well we will have some rain moving into the area and also maybe a rumble of thunder.
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especially as we go into the afternoon. now we're looking at our light rain falling around towson right now pushing into reisterstown and also baltimore and even along mount airy along i-70 some wet weather in morning. but the heavier rain as you can see here in the yellow and this is around wood lawn, catonsville and i-695, definitely wet this morning. you definitely need to take easy on the -- take it easy on the roadways and some slick weather. temperatures this morning are on the mild side. not cold at all but just take the sweater with you as you head out the door. all right, let's get a check of the traffic now with greg haver. southbound 95 heading down from white marsh to downtown you're okay at this hour. both north and southbound 95 through the city looking good and we can also say northbound 395 take the sky ramp to downtown the lanes are currently open. the harbor and fort mchenry tunnels are now normal. the harbor tunnels north and
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southbound of course they are one way traffic patterns. 83 southbound the long-term project blocks the left lane each way. no problems at 95 at the top or the bottom or 895, back to you. the first haling on saturday. isn't that right char flee. >> right megan, it is going to be saturday around 5:00 where the o's unveil a sculpture of one of the six legendary heroes, number 20. frank robinson. a live report from a preview coming up in just a bit. >> a new study shows bullying could affect your child's well- being. how could it prematurely age them. we have details on that. you're waking up to what's new in maryland. we'll be right back.
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4 clever 44 right now. almost 5,004 and 5-year-olds are sitting up several baltimore attractions today. pre-k at play gives the
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youngsters an educational experience outside of the classroom. at places like fort mchenry and the national aquarium. more kids than adults at the white house today. the sons and daughters of the executive office employees are being invited for the annual take our daughters and sons to workday. experts are going to present the latest findings today on new evidence based for treatment for the condition. they're going to discuss the research at a four day conference that's happening in newark, new jersey. and the big to have the morning, an arrest has been made in the phylicia barnes case. police did confirm to u.s. overnight that they have arrested michael johnson. the news conference is expected for later on this morning and we will of course be there. first round of the nfl draft begins today in new york at radio city music hall. andrew luck from stanford is expected to be the first pick going to annapolis from baylor's robert griffin iii is going to the washington redskins likely. a big event for the o's
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this weekend. a series of statues are being unveiled honoring six of the greatest of all time. the first the happening this weekend. so we of course need a preview for all of that and here's abc2 news anchor charlie crowson. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know one of the great things about the orioles is its storied history and the legends of the game. starting this weekend as you said the team is going to begin unveiling six sculptures of the six legends of the game and they start at 5:00 this saturday night by unveiling number 20, frank robinson. now some of the great things about this sculpture and the presentation is sort of the secretive nature of it megan. they're not revealing what pose or stance these players are going to be in when they live in immorality out here at -- immortality out here at camden yards. tony mendez was exhibitioned by the -- commissioned by the organization to come up with the designs and one of this
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things that he has done and known best for is the nolan ryan design that now stands outside center field at the ballpark in arlington. that of course the home of the texas rangers. now each month leading up to september another sculpture will be revealed. frank robinson is going to be this weekend then robinson, weaver, palmer, murray and then in september, september 6th. cool rip kin jr.. we're going to be talking to greg bader about this and what's going to be expected for fans this weekend because fans who come for the special ceremony won't walk away empty- handed. they will have a special gift as well. that's coming up as we continue with live reports outside camden yards getting ready for the big unveiling. charlie crowson, abc2 news. >> and speaking of the orioles, the o's won 3-0 wednesday night against the blue jays. jason hammel pitched seven innings of four hit bill. two homers after limiting
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toronto to one run on tuesday. the o's became the first team this season to shut out the blue jays. the orioles are 4-1 against toronto after going 6-12 last year. are you ready for orange wednesdays? the orioles are coming out with the own day of celebration. one woman started this movement for orange wednesdays. she's a dun dock native and her name is nancy cook and she says with wednesdays being a hump day she hops the orange wednesdays will help the downtrodden o's over the hump. >> i think maybe it's better to support the person that's the underdog and the person that needs a lift up. and i'd like to see our town turn into a supportive group and be wearing the sea of o orange because i think it would give confidence to our young players. i think it would make our older players happy. >> well, so far cook has gotten so thumbs down from the orioles officials but she is hoping the
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movement gathers momentum in social media and turns every wednesday an oriole orange. here's a really strange story. check this out. a website trying to tarnish the image of quarterback tim tebow. the site is offering $1 million to any woman who can prove that she's had sex with tim tebow. the new addition to the jets team is a known christian and he is saving himself for marriage he says. the website is now promoting extramarital affairs and they'll give $1 million if you can prove it. we want to know how you feel about this attempt to tarnish tim tebow's image. go to the facebook fan page and weigh in. it's and leave your comments and we'll share some of them on the air. switch gears a bit and back to the continuing coverage this morning on the phylicia barnes. abc2 news was first to break this story just after midnight that an arrest was made. a man named michael johnson arrested around 11:30 and some perspective from somebody close to the case.
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don comes in. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> you're a security expert and also a child advocate but you have an interesting view because you've been very close to the case. you know the family well. what are they saying this morning? >> you know, it's a critically important moment. we have been pressing for justice for over a year now and so certainly the family's very elated. the father russell barnes is very elated but it's tempered. he's really making the best of a bad situation. he knows that his daughter -- he's not going to get his daughter back from this and he's seeking justice, we're very focused on helping him. >> you've been in this from the beginning. were you feeling a sense of relief? i know you do this for a living but you have to have some sense of getting close to a case particularly one like this that's been so important. >> listen, i believe this to be a critical moment in one of the most important criminal cases in modern history of the city of baltimore. that a -- something happened different in the case of phylicia barnes where people stood up and just said we're not going to allow this to pass.
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we're going to demand justice and so an entire city has risen up and taken that stance. for me it is certainly you know a great moment and a milestone and we're still certainly waiting for justice. we still have a court system to progress through the trial and all that stuff and we are excited but certainly we remain focused on justice. >> with the beautiful face behind you and so much sadness is connected to this story. she is responsible for a law that's now going to change the way that we search for missing children. does the family take i guess any sense of relief or pride in that? >> certainly. you know the father and the sisters and other members of the family are very much aware that their efforts to secure justice for phylicia barnes has result in the a law that awaits governor o'malley's signature right now to become law that will impact the lives of other children in the state of maryland. without question phylicia barnes has had a huge impact on the lives of many, myself included especially the children of the state of maryland. >> i love that you're going to
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stick around and give us your perspective on this. >> absolutely. thank you. >> thank you so much and we'll check in with you in a bit. all right, continuing coverage of this story we're going to have a live report from north carolina coming up. so our scrips station spoke with a former teacher from barnes this morning and stay tuned for that. that story is coming up all new at 5:00 and 6:00. other news this morning, only three years old when she lost her life in a fire in hagerstown last week but the death of hope goins is going to give hope to other families. her father who also was injured in the fire made the decision to remove her from life support over the weekend and donate her organs to two young boys. hope's mother also died as a result of the fire but clung to life for two days. all right, let's talk about what's going on on the radar this morning. because we are a little bit activity right now. we can see some showers firing up around baltimore as of now moving into bel air and then we have some showers around union bridge, westminster, this is pushing to the east as of now.
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and also looking at some more heavier rain pushing in around lock hurn right now. even glen burnie. on the slick side. take it easy as you head out and about. this is just the start of the wet weather this morning, we will be getting a possibility of some thunderstorms into the afternoon and we can see the heavier rains and those oranges, those yellows, back off towards the south and west into west virginia right now. some thunderstorms possibly severe diving down into ohio as of now. no type of severe weather for us. but we will be getting some slick weather in here and that will continue into the afternoon. right now temperatures are on the mild side. 52 degrees in baltimore. 54 in easton and this is courtesy of the cloud cover that we're seeing this morning. future trend picking up on the fact that we still have the chance for some thunderstorms to come in here as we go into the afternoon. we will dry out nicely as we go into friday and more wet weather works its way in here as we go through your weekend. but for today i'm forecasting a
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high right around 70 degrees. here's the check of the game day forecast coming in right around 65 degrees. take that rain gear with you. let's get a check now of the traffic with greg haber. good morning to you, now a ride on eastbound 70 from sykesville to wood lawn to the beltway. your lanes are open. the wilkins avenue is good as far as 95 or arbutus. 895 and the key bridge nothing in the way. topside of the beltway along with i-83 the lanes are current weather conditionsly open. now -- currently open. now southbound 83 good inside the beltway in the jfx but at 29th both ways the left lane is closed for the ongoing project to repair that storm drain. meanwhile if you're on north and southbound downtown your lanes are open. the harbor tunnel and fort mchenry tunnels are back to the one way traffic patterns. back to you. divorce rates may be on the decline but not for one group. why rates are skyrocketing among a certain age group and why just ahead. >> plus, joran van der sloot may be heading to the united
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states. what happened yesterday and why he could be headed here soon. you're watching "good morning maryland." we'll be right back.
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thank you for joining us this morning, there is one section of the population that is seeing more divorces than others. we're talking about baby boomers. the new numbers show a quarter of people getting divorced in the country are over 50 years old. that's more than double the divorce rate among the same group just 20 years ago. so what's behind the trend? well, experts say part of it is more emphasis on these days of individual happiness and women are more financially independent. president obama has been traveling to colleges around the country right now calling for lawmakers to keep federal student loan rates from rising. it looks like a vote could come as soon as tomorrow on the bill that would keep rates from rising. if nothing changes by summer, rates will double.
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now these are likely that some arguments will come from this to pay for it. how are you going to do the it? well, $5.3 billion with the bill in republicans want to take the money from the president's health care overhaul law. the army could lay off as many as 24,000 enlisted personnel and up to 5,000 officers. that's according to the assistant secretary of the army. he told the senate armed services panel that those are rough estimates and that based on the assumption that the -- the attrition rates right now. so defense secretary leon panetta said that earlier this year that the army would shrink by about 350,000 soldiers within the next five years. new this morning, studies show that bullying and violence can actually age your children by as much as 7 to 10 years. that's according to a new study. now the study looked at childrens' dna sequences and found they shortened faster than normal kids exposed to violence. researchers they children -- it would make children more likely to get diseases associated with
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aging. diseases like heart attacks. 7 to 10 years before their peers. news around the world right now. check out this video from sicily. mount etna erupted again this week and this is the seventh eruption this jeer. it's europe's most activity volcano. it's at inertial airport it's been operating as normal. no flights have been canceled there. thousands of tourists are flocking to the island to check it out. a judge has set is hearing date in may to consider the u.s. request to extradite convicted killer joran van der sloot. the united states wants to try him on extortion charges in connection to the disappearance of natalie hollowway. after the hearing the case will then go into a council of ministers who will decide if joran van der sloot can be extradited. all right, here's a show that you probably won't see at new york fashion week but we have to show it to you. all right, a duck fashion show is what we're walking about. talk a like at this. itdney, australia has it.


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